How would you like to create blazingly fast database based programs that use the old industry standard .dbf files? Well, you can! There is an add on dll named Cheetah, that offers both speed and dbf standard compliance. I have made several programs that use it. I made a photograph encrypter. I made a video translation assistant. I made a little note taker program.

The author, Paul Squires, has removed it from his website, so I'm putting it here for your convenience. Also, Walt Decker has released his wrapper dll package that allows Liberty Basic to use the Cheetah database dll. He gave it a public domain license! Great, this allows you to take his example code and use it yourself! So without further ado, here is the zip file.

Here is an example of a custom function using the Cheetah database system:

function index(IndexExpr$)
'example: ftmp = index("CarColour")
'will set the name of field as index for database
'create the index (database must be open) and key field
Title$ = "Liberty BASIC using PowerBasic Cheetah Database"
XDBTRUE = 1      ' CHEETAH2 CONSTANT defined in the LBCheat.INC.BAS file
Czero$ = CHR$(0) ' Used to speed up creation of null-terminated strings
IDXname$ = "Cheetah.idx" + Czero$
IndexExpr$ = IndexExpr$ + Czero$ 'Define key field and set to case insensitive
Duplicates = XDBTRUE                  'allow duplicate customer ID's
CALLDLL #Cheat,"DBCREATEINDEX", IDXname$ AS PTR, dbHandle AS LONG, IndexExpr$ AS PTR, _
                                Duplicates AS LONG, Result AS VOID
CALLDLL #Cheat,"DBERROR", Result AS LONG   'Check for error in creating index
IF Result THEN
   PRINT "Error: " + STR$(Result) + " creating index. " + Title$
end function

I made a lot of functions for my programs. I like doing it with functions.
So, go ahead and download the zip package, it contains the dll package, the wrapper dll package, and another utility called Cheetah Pet. Be productive!