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Editor Hands-on

To follow the discussion, start with an empty editor. Open the editor. If it shows a file for editing, close the file: Select File > New.

Multiple Files

The LB editor can handle only one file at a time, but you can run as many instances of Liberty BASIC as you want at any time. This allows you to open an example source file, copy code from it, and paste into your own file. Here's a quick test of this nifty feature:
  1. Click on the New Program icon in the toolbar (far left end).
  2. The editor clears. Type "program one" into the window.
  3. Start Liberty BASIC again, by clicking on the desktop icon, or selecting Liberty BASIC v4.03 from the Programs listed in the StartMenu. You'll now have two copies of the LB editor on your desktop.
  4. Click on the New Program icon in the newly started copy of the LB editor.
  5. Type "program two" into the new window.
  6. Start Liberty BASIC again. You'll now have three copies of the LB editor on your desktop.
  7. Type "program three" into the new window.
  8. Place your mouse on the titlebar on each of the windows and click the left mouse button and drag to move them around on the desktop. Click on the lower right corner of a window and drag with the mouse to change the size of the window. Use these techniques to arrange the three Liberty BASIC editors on the desktop so that all of them are visible and not overlapping.
  9. Experiment with copying and pasting from one window into one of the others. You can select the text (click-hold and drag across the text) and right-click to get a "Copy" option in the pop-up menu, or select and use the menu-bar's Edit > Copy option, or use the toolbar's Copy button, or use my favorite -- select and use Ctrl-C to copy. Move your cursor to another window, and use one of those options (pop-up menu, menu-bar, button, or Ctrl-V) to paste.
  10. When you're through playing around, clear the editors by selecting File > New in each copy of the LB editor, or simply close each of them with the X button or with File > Exit.


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