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Editor Menu Items

With your first program written and run, you've had some experience with the LB editor. Now it's time to explore the editor a bit more.

The LB editor's menus offer more options when you need them. In fact, it offers more options than you'll need for some time to come! I'll discuss the functions you really need for now, talk about some additional ones later, and leave the discovery of the more advanced functions for a more advanced programming course.

Minimum Menu

To follow the discussion, start with an empty editor. Open the editor. If it shows a file for editing, close the file: Select File > New.


The empty editor shows File, Edit, Run, Setup and Help on the menu bar, and active (not greyed-out) icons for New Program, Open Program, Save, Print, Find, Cut, Copy, Paste, Run, Debug, Options, the "World of Liberty BASIC button, the question-mark that opens the Helpfile, and the pencil that opens the release notes.. Tool-tips (word hints) for the toolbar icons pop up when you pause the mouse cursor over the icons.

You have already used the New Program (File > New Basic Source File) and the Save (File > Save As) options to create your first program and save it.

Expanded Menu

When you have something to edit, additional menu options show up to help the editing process. Most of these new options are familiar, since they appear in all Windows editing and word-processing programs.

When editing, you have Edit options to Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear, Select All, Restore, Find/Replace and Find Again. You also have a filled-up File menu, with recent files added to the list as you open or save files.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

When we add the options under Run, Setup, and Help, we have a marvelous, but bewildering list of functions and actions available for writing programs. The good news is that the functions you really need to do a good job are right there where you need them. The better news is that the extra options you will need in the future for more advanced functions are also there!

Instead of worrying about the whole list of options at once, we will learn how to handle them just one or two at a time, as we need them, and leave the others for later. For instance, the next lesson page adds File > Open..., which will be enough for a while. If you're really eager to know all about it right now, take a look at Liberty BASIC Help Document > Liberty BASIC Help > The Liberty BASIC Editor.

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