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LB Editor

Start Liberty BASIC (LB) by using your mouse pointer to open your desktop Start menu, the Programs folder, then the Liberty BASIC folder, and click on the Liberty BASIC program name (liberty.exe).

When you start LB, you are looking at the editor. The file "welcome.bas" is automatically loaded. The "World of Liberty BASIC" dialog is displayed. It contains links to useful resources. The Liberty BASIC Editor looks like this the first time you start Liberty BASIC:


Close the "World of Liberty BASIC dialog" by pressing the X button in the upper right corner. Click on File in the menu bar to see the File menu options:
  • New BASIC Source File
  • Open
  • Insert File
  • Save
  • Save As
  • Print
  • (recently used files list)
  • Exit

For now, we are primarily interested in only New and Open. To create an editing window for a new program, select File > New Basic Source File.
(Note: that last instruction is short for "Click on File in the menu bar. Slide the mouse down to move the selection down to New. Click the left-mouse-button to create a new editing window." That's a lot of typing, and reading, so I'll just use the short version for instructions from here on out.)
Now you have an editing window. It looks like this:


Now you're ready to write and run your first program.

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