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Using Jumpstart

Jumpstart lessons start simple, then add information and skills bit by bit, step by step, one piece at a time. Since each lesson builds on the previous ones, you really have to start at the beginning and go through each lesson in sequence. If you skip lessons, you'll be skipping information you will need later, and you'll slow down your progress.

How to Learn with Jumpstart

Each lesson follows a pattern:
  • Topic - open with a new concept, idea, or technique
  • Tutorial - show how the Topic works
  • Task - extend the Tutorial into a demonstration program
  • Trial - try the Task in hands-on exercise

Navigating in Jumpstart

Each lesson page has navigation menus at the top and at the bottom of the page. The menu for this page is:

Lesson Map | Next > Programming

The Lesson Map link takes you to a detailed Table of Contents for this Jumpstart course, in case you'd like to review previous pages or see where your current page fits into the flow of the course. The Next > link takes you to the next lesson page, and will be your favorite link-click during this course.
Ready to see how it all works? We'll start with an explanation of just what programming is. Click the Next link below, to get started.

Lesson Map | Next > Programming