The Lesson Browser

- Alyce Alyce
Updated from Newsletter #108, May, 2003
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The Lesson Browser!

One of the most useful and unusual features of Liberty BASIC is the Lesson Browser. It looks like this:


Liberty BASIC's lesson browser features an interactive tutorial lesson. To find the tutorial, go to Liberty BASICs File->Open menu and open "lb4tutorial.lsn"

Lesson Browser Setup

To see the lesson browser in action, open lb4tutorial.lsn. The left side of the lesson browser has a table of contents. There are chapters, and sections inside the chapters. Click on one of the names to cause that part of the lesson to be displayed. The text or comments for the lesson will be displayed in the upper right pane. You can scroll this if it doesn't all fit in the pane. Any accompanying code goes in the bottom right pane. If you choose to RUN, either with the RUN button on the toolbar, or the RUN command in the RUN menu, the code in the code pane will run! You can even make changes to the code and try it again!

Write Your Own Lesson

To start a lesson, go to the FILE menu and select NEW. You have the choice of creating a new BASIC program, or a new LESSON. Choose LESSON. You'll then see a default empty lesson in the lesson browser. It looks like this:


To begin, right-click in the TOC pane on the left. A menu will allow you to give the lesson a name, or to add a chapter. If you choose to rename, an input box will pop up. Type the desired name in there. If you choose to add a chapter, an input box will pop up that allows you to name the chapter.


Once a chapter has been added, you may right-click again for a new menu. This one allows you to rename the chapter, delete it, or add a section. As you edit your lesson, simply click on the lesson name, chapter name, or section name that you want to edit and that lesson's comments and code will show in the right panes of the lesson browser. Type or edit the comments and code. Don't forget to save your work. It will be saved with the extension "lsn." That's all there is to it!

More Lessons

You may download several excellent lessons contributed by members of the Liberty BASIC online community for the Lesson Browser Contest.

The Lesson Browser | The Lesson Browser! | Lesson Browser Setup | Write Your Own Lesson | More Lessons